Tap water is a healthier option than soft drinks. But at the current levels of contamination, the public is starting to question the quality of tap water and wonders if it is safe enough to drink.



Although associated with healthy water, bottled water is not guaranteed to be any healthier than tap water. It can also be slightly acidic, which may affect your body’s pH balance. In 2018 the WHO says it will review the potential risks of tiny plastic particles in bottled water after a study found “widespread” micro-plastic contamination.



This filtering process removes dangerous chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine. However, reverse osmosis also removes healthy, naturally occurring water minerals. These minerals not only provide good taste, but they also serve a vital function in the body’s system.



Kangen Water is delicious water created by Japanese water technology made by Enagic. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis.


Enagic International is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 for quality control and environmental management, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association.

Educate yourself on your health needs

Kangen water and Enagic water technology is recognized and used as a medical devise in Japan. This products have not been evaluated by FDA and/or Health Canada yet. The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Any review or other matter that could be regarded as a testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of any consultation.

Why HYDRATION is #1 priority to health?

Your body consists of 70+% of water and depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to work properly. Water is used to maintain the body’s temperature, remove waste and keep joints loose and mobile. The vast majority of people do not consume enough water daily, however which means the water we lose through sweating, going to the toilet, and even breathing, is not being replaced; this is what leads to dehydration and illnesses.

Who NEEDS attention the most?


Mental Health

(acquired brain injury, seizures, depression, brain degeneration, dementia, Alzheimer disease, etc)
Brain Tis composted of about 80% water and a minimum of 60% fat. Watch a video by Dr. Corinne Allen – Kangen Water and the Brain to see how Kangen water affects brain functionality.

Children Health

(ADD / AHD, autism, allergies, difficulty learning, inactivity, anger spells, etc)

This water improves digestive issues and hydrates the brain which is 80+% water.


Treatment Support

(cancer treatment, chronic health issues – Chronic disease, colitis, recovering from surgery, diabetes, etc)

You will start detoxification the moment you start drinking Kangen. Micro-clustered alkaline ionized water will assist you with excreting toxins and free radicals. Watch Dr. Tim Mcknight – Skeptical Physician talk, he also wrote a book “Confessions of a Skeptical Physician”

Why do I recommend KANGEN water by Enagic?

As a Registered Nurse, I must research and analyze the products available on the market. The main determining factor is the product’s quality control and how it affects our health. I recommend the Japanese technology company Enagic. Enagic International is certified to; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 for quality control and environmental management, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association. ISO certifies company Enagic for “Design and manufacture of electrolysis water for medical and general use, water purifiers and water processing machines with maintenance”
The full list of certificated see HERE.

USING 5 water types:

PH 2.5 - ​Strong acidic water
PH 4 - 6 ​Beauty water
PH 7- ​Clean water
PH 8.5 - 9.5 - Kangen water
PH 11.5 - Strong Kangen water
* Cleaning and sanitizing * Disinfection (bathroom, kitchen) * Mouthwash * Commercial use
* Face care * Pet care * Hair wash * Frozen food
* Baby formula * Medications (PH 8.5 and up may increase effect)
* Drinking * Coffee, tea * Cooking (soups and stews) * Plant watering
* Stain removal from clothes, furniture * Washing fruits and vegetables * Polishing dishes

BENEFITS of Kangen water

  1. Enhance nutrient absorption
    Kangen Water is micro-clustered (3-5 molecular cluster); make absorption much faster.
    It is advisable to take vitamins & Supplements with Kangen water 8.5-9.5 and prescription medications with Clean water (PH 7)
  2. Increase hydration
    Kangen Water is micro-clustered; it hydrates the body 6 times faster.
  3. Mineral balance. Restores normal homeostasis of the body maintaining mineral balance
  4. Powerful antioxidant. Negative ORP reducing or slowing down oxidation in the body.
  5. Healthy weight loss. Increase metabolism, no calories, reduce weight

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