Holistic Nurse - Advisor

Hi, I am Victoriya!

Your Body Is Talking. Are You Listening?

“The body mirrors the mind and soul and is more accessible than either. If you become proficient at listening to your body, you will eventually hear from your whole self.”   Unknown
I help people to find the connection between their current clinical symptoms and their emotional state.
I believe that each and every health problem leads to energy being blocked. The body needs a certain environment to have this energy flowing freely.
By applying specific practices and correcting our lifestyle we can restore these energy channels to rejuvenate our health.
Our bodies use the illness to show us that it has problems. It often sends the alarming signals which we may disregard at first. We need to learn how to be attentive and conscientious to our bodies. How can we advance at this? Please follow the link to my website, and find out more.

Psychosomatic Analysis

“Our bodies have voices.
They are most often drowned out by the constant babble of the world we create for ourselves,
but they are there, waiting, and willing to tell us what they need.
Most often subtle and quiet, the voices get louder as we refuse to listen.”
Dr. Judith Petry



Individual analysis & Plan of care

Nursing care plan with psychosomatic analysis of your condition

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