In my opinion, there is no safe level of mercury. My health went downhill about 1.5 after I had my fillings redone and had 5 amalgam fillings in my mouth. I should have known better, but the traditional medical school doesn’t teach us what I know now.
Mercury is the most toxic naturally occurring substance on the planet, yet, according to the Government of Canada

…A number of clinical studies have shown that the levels of mercury in body fluids and organs correlate with the number of occlusal amalgam surfaces in the mouth and the total number of amalgam surfaces. Furthermore, mercury levels in blood and urine have been shown to decrease after the amalgam fillings have been removed. However, it must be emphasized that blood and urine mercury levels attributable to amalgam do not approach the level recognized as the onset of clinical mercurialism (mercury poisoning): that level is taken to be 100 µg of mercury per gram of creatinine in urine. Therefore, it is our conclusion that although amalgam contributes detectable amounts of mercury to the body, these levels do not approach those recognized to cause illness….”

The statements from Canadian Dental Association reads: “Isn’t mercury known to be a poisonous substance? As a single element, mercury is a poisonous metal to which we are all exposed through the air, water, soil, and food. In dental amalgam, it is bound in an alloy, which also includes silver, copper and tin. Very small amounts of mercury vapor are released from amalgam with chewing. Mercury’s toxicity is related to the amount absorbed. The mercury absorbed from all sources accumulates in body organs and tissues, mostly in the kidneys, but also in the brain, lungs, liver and gastrointestinal tract.”

Mercury is treated as a bio-hazardous material in a dental office, but then, the uninformed and unsuspecting patient ends up with a mouth full of amalgam fillings, which are 50% mercury. You can see how amalgam filling is extracted in the dental office: with a large suction vent, dentist wearing protective gear. Yet, we have it in our mouth thinking that it is safe? Is it not bizarre?

We must be accountable for our health. It is much easier to count of someone, blame someone and hold responsible for whatever goes sideways. Health Canada or Canadian Dental Association are not in charge of your choices but you are.

Below is the dental meridian chart for your references. Check any teeth you have with cavities, amalgam fillings, and/or root canals to see what organ(s) they correspond with. Leave comments if that is true for you.
Stay healthy!


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