Consulting services provided by RN

Holistic Nurse – Advisor


I am a Holistic Registered Nurse and a Medical Intuitive working as your health advisor, nurse advocate and navigator and your personal health project manager. I provide education and support to you during your journey. I am a member of the Canadian Holistic Nursing Association and hold practicing registration with CRNBC.

My goals are to ADVOCATE for your needs, EDUCATE about health and best practices and guiding you to find the healing path, NAVIGATE in the complex healthcare system to feel more confident.

The chain of my own transformations and observing traditional medical system approach to health set me up on the path I am on now. I use holistic approach to help you comprehend the correspondence and interconnection of your systems and organs, physical and mental body. In other words I show you how it is all related.

Operating the intuition and strong analytical qualities helps me to see the issue from different perspective and find constructive way to utilize the information.
I use strategies that as an aware person with medical knowledge utilizes to bring harmony and order to be the “whole person”, and nothing else.
I also ensure you are supported all the way in your journey until you feel strong enough to be on your own.